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The Baltic Franchise Fund was created during the PHARE project “Improving the competitiveness of SMEs in the border regions of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia through creating franchising network” realization

and was officially registered in Latvian Enterprise Register in June 16, 2004. Baltic Franchise Fund was founded by Riga Managers School, the coordinator and implementation body of the PHARE project.


Riga Managers School  (RMS-Development )    is a founder of the Baltic Franchise Fund and that’s why the experience of the fund will be based on the experience of Riga Managers School.


The agreement between Riga Managers School and Baltic Franchise Fund was signed about the following: Baltic Franchise Fund becomes the founders descendant of the intellectual capital and project preparation and realization.

Riga Managers School allow Baltic Franchise Fund to use all results, methodologies and contacts generated by implemented projects.

The main aims of the Baltic Franchise Fund is promotion the development of franchising on the territory of the Baltic States, popularize franchising, as a method for SMEs development, support contacts with international and local NGOs, develop the work of Baltic Franchise Council.

Fund is providing consultation for franchisors and franchisees, as well as for entrepreneurs who are willing to develop their business using franchising approach.

Fund is organizing trainings and seminars for SMEs, providing conferences and business to business meetings.

Fund is coordinating the work of Baltic Franchise Council, which is the representative organization of franchising business in the Baltics.



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