RMS-Consulting offers a wide range of consultancy products from training seminars to corporate projects. We are using both foreign techniques tailored and adapted to Latvia environment and original methods and techniques developed by local professional consultants whose experience in working with leading Latvian and foreign companies exceed 12 years.

RMS-Consulting puts into practice management strategies programs, that are aimed to study the behaviour of employees, their attitude towards colleagues and clients, and develop behaviour strategy.

As instruments we offer specialized computer software Big-Master (company structure optimizing software) and Project Expert (project development and financial analysis software).

A significant advantage of all our training programmes is that they are customer-tailored in accordance with group needs and participants profiles.


New direction of activity of RMS-consulting


Preparation and realization of projects within the framework of local and international programs of development, and also consultation of other organizations in sphere of project management.


In 2002 - 2014 RMS-consulting as the main partner has developed and realized projects in the following areas:

- development of new perspective directions of business

- Increase of competitiveness of the enterprises of small and average business by creation and strengthening of partner communications with the conducting European enterprises,

- maintenance of information access for mastering of modern technologies, exchange of experience in actual for Latvia spheres of business,

- development of new perspective technologies and methods of training,


Now RMS-consulting renders consulting services to companies on preparation and realization of projects within the framework of the program of aquisition of structural funds of EU.





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